Thursday, March 23, 2017


Oil on canvas

size 40x70 cm, 15.7x27.5 inches


"For our sins,The One who lives eternally in Heaven our Lord Jesus Christ"

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Il Tango De La Mea Culpa

Oil on canvas.

size 40x40 cm, 15.7x15.7 inches


"La Mea Culpa is that I have too much beauty inside my soul:)"

Je ne dors plus

Je te desire

On the wings of a tango

Il tango de la mea culpa

Prends moi

Je suis a toi

A love turned to Heaven

Mea culpa 

Je veux aller au bout de me fantasmes

Like I'm under a spell

Je sais que c'est interdit

Je suis folle. Je m'abandonne

Mea culpa

Je suis la et ailleurs

Je n'ai plus rien

Je deviens folle

Je m'abandonne 

A mixture of love,pain and lust

Crying in the innocence of playful rhythm.

Il tango de la mea culpa

Je suis la et ailleurs

Je veux tout

A chant

Quand tu veux

A kiss

Comme tu veux

A love

Mea culpa

"To see the future...Mea Culpa:)"

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Larisa's Flowers

Oil on canvas.

size 40x40 cm, 15.7x15.7 inches


"The most beautiful tango in the world"

"The painting with the most beautiful table"

For if you realised 

How much love lives inside my soul

I uphold that affection

I had for you...

Who knows if you just realised

that I haven't forgotten you ever

when turning back in our past

if you think of me...

Like I think of you...

Forever to last
Friends and lovers we can't be

Because love has no friends but itself


It takes two to tango

From the day you left

I'm so lonely in my destiny
tell me, darling, "what have you done

to my beautiful tango "

The tango of love...

"La Cumparsita"

I always remember you

For only you and you alone

Can make my tango true

My destiny my love

with the divine feeling

I have for you

And you are everywhere

My love my life

and those eyes that were my joy

I look for them everywhere

and I can't find them
"The most beautiful performance of a tango ever"

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Corina's Flowers

Oil on canvas.

size 30x60 cm, 12x24 inches


"The painting with the most beautiful feeling:)"

Like a river life is flowing,


for feeling so lonely

Like a flower in an empty room

Crazy... blue like the sea

You can love me as long as... wanted

like a summer sunset needs the night 


For someday you'll find somebody new

Worry for feeling so you...a fire

A burning flower,

Wondering what in this crazy world should I do


for thinking that any love could hold you


for trying


for crying

And so crazy for loving you

thinking that any love could hold you...



for trying


for crying

And so crazy for loving you:)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dots of Time

Oil on canvas

size 30x30 cm, 11.8x11.8 inches


"When looking at this painting you can feel infinity like we Angels do"

"Light gathered around a dot it defines the color of that dot"

Music performed by Edward Lighthouse ,painting by Edward Lighthouse ,text and lyrics Edward Lighthouse,paintings of

If we consider the eye made of concentric dots then the white of the eyes it gathers the light spreading it and focusing it on

the image that it goes further to the retina.

Better said without the color white of the white of the  eyes we would be blind...of to much light:)

if seconds are dots then the past and the future is made of dots of different colors that compose images.

Images the eyes perceive which remain recorded in the brain.

Dots of Time.

Without eyes images won't exists nor dots:)

And light it carries all the colors of the spectrum and when touching an object light is dividing into the colors that compose

the dots which compose the image of that object.

This why light can travel in the past and or the future:)

The light that we didn't see yet is the light of the future

And the light that we see is the light of the past.

This meaning that the past is a continuum time travel into the future.

Which means that the passage to travel into the past can be found in the future.

"If you can stop the light from traveling then you can feel infinity like looking at this painting:)"